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Property for sale in Trogir / Ciovo, Croatia

The Town of Trogir is another fantastic jewell in the crown of Croatian tourist destinations, just 20 minutes from the airport. It is a small island connected by one short bridge to the main land and one short bridge to the island of Ciovo. Just like Dubrovnik it is a medaeval walled town and has been declared a World Heritage site which has UNESCO protection.

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It is a small but lively tourist hub and is especially well known to the many celebrities who visit Croatia as it is the starting point for sailing holidays.

It has some of the best restaurants in Croatia and all the ammeneties one would expect in a busy tourist centre. It also has a boat taxi service to Split, which takes about an hour.

There are opportunities to buy property in Trogir itself and these are mostly apartments tucked away in streets hundreds of years old and full of character. One consideration before buying Croatian property and especially real estate in Trogir is to ensure the title to the property is clear. For many generations, Croatian real estate has been handed down the family without legal registration and now that some of these families are selling Trogir real estate on the open market for the first time, it is essential that you are sure the property has the correct title and registration. However, this situation has ensured that there are many investment and refurbishment opportunities in Trogir real estate.

The island of Ciovo is also partly covered by the world heritage protection but has 'party beaches' and several fisherman's settlements. The popularity of these beaches makes Ciovo property popular as a place to invest in Croatian real estate. Secluded coastal property is always popular with investors of property in Croatia and there are some of these on Ciovo, but few come to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to stay in Split or Trogir?

I would recommend Trogir because it has more options for activities and is less expensive than Split. Trogir also provides a unique layout that Split is also famous for.

How do I get to Trogir?

Getting from Split to Trogir is very easy. You can either take a bus or go by yourself with your car or a rental.

Is Trogir expensive?

Somewhat expensive, as one-week vacation to Trogir usually costs around €550 for one person. A trip for two weeks for two people costs about €2000 in Trogir.

Are there beaches in Trogir?

Yes, there are beaches in the town of Trogir. The two beaches that are separated by rocks are called Velika Plaža (Big Beach) and Mali Pijesak (Little Sand). Velika Plaža is the most famous beach in Trogir, while Mali Pijesak is somewhat more secluded and less touristic.

Does Trogir have an airport?

Yes, there is an airport located about 10 kilometers from the old town. It is called Split Airport, but is fairly close to Trogir.