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Property for sale in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik barely needs further introduction but this medieval walled city with its polished limestone pavements laid out to a plan 600 years old is a magnet for tourists from around the whole world. It is regularly on the list of 'Must see places on earth'. It has its own international airport, is a busy yachting destination and is close to Mljet National park. People looking for an exotic wedding location, the huge numbers of honeymooners and cruise ships stacked up outside the harbour are all indications of the increasing popularity of this town to visitors.

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It was damaged and repaired following the Balkan war in the 1990's which perhaps even added to its reputation.

People who bought property in Dubrovnik after the war would by now have seen a massive rise in Dubrovnik real estate prices. Most believe as we do, that the apartments and villas in Dubrovnik will see further rises in prices for the foreseeable future.

Tourism is now a 52 week a year industry and Dubrovnik property, whether commercial or residential will reflect this. Another factor affecting the prices of villas and apartments in Dubrovnik is the geographical lay out of the town. It is impossible to build further property in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area as it is a walled city surrounded by steep cliffs.

However, property in Dubrovnik does come up for sale and the nearby villages have some of the best value villas on the Dalmatian coast. The Dubrovnik area is one of the few where foreign buyers are buying Croatian property away from the coast in the lush green valleys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dubrovnik safe?

Dubrovnik, in relation to the rest of the world is considered a fairly safe city. It's a low-crime area, and it seems to only get safer every year. The crime rate is still above the national average, and it's growing as the city becomes more popular, but overall Dubrovnik is a safe place to live.

Is Dubrovnik expensive?

Yes. Dubrovnik, is an expensive city…because of high rental costs, restaurant/bar prices, and food costs.

How much does it cost to live in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

The cost of living in Dubrovnik is 25% more expensive than the national average and 23% higher than the EU average.

Is Dubrovnik a great location to live?

Dubrovnik, Croatia is a nice place to live. It has a strong economy, low unemployment and somewhat affordable housing prices. The city is also one of the most visited in the country.