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Hvar Island is 2 hours by ferry from Split, and the main town on the island is also called Hvar, so be aware so you do not to become confused! It is considered the most exclusive of the Dalmatian islands for various reasons. It is noted as having the most sunshine hours of any place in the area and the main town of Hvar was once an important naval port for the Venetians. As such, it has disproportionately grand public buildings and squares giving the town a distinctly affluent feel.

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The public ferry to Hvar island stops at Stari Grad, a bus ride of 20 minutes from Hvar so it is quite common to find a majority of visitors to the town have come by yacht. It is a popular destination for Croatia's rich and famous visitors.

Other than the main town Hvar island has a thriving agriculture and tourist industry.

The Hvar real estate business is always busy and there is a premium for commercial properties in Hvar town as it does become extremely busy in high Summer. Away from the main towns Hvar island property is more modestly priced. We feel confident that Hvar town property and more isolated and secluded property on Hvar will hold its value well due to international make up of its visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get from Dubrovnik to Hvar?

You can get there via ferry from Dubrovnik, which goes every day of the week. There are usually three ferries a day, and the trip takes 1 hour 30 min.

How far is Hvar from Split?

The distance between Hvar Island, Croatia and Split, Croatia is approximately 88 kilometers or 55 miles.

What is the best thing to do in Hvar?

Hvar is a beautiful island in Croatia that is packed full of things to do. From spectacular beaches to amazing food, to historic old town centers, there is no shortage of activities on this wonderful island.

Where should I live in Hvar?

Hvar Island is a wonderful place to live, with great weather and beautiful scenery. There is sandy coastline around the whole island of Hvar stopping at Stari Grad and Sucuraj, two villages that face each other on either side of the island. Hvar has a lot of history, but is also full of nightlife, options for sightseeing and relaxation. There are many reasons to consider living on Hvar Island in Croatia.

Which airport is closest to Hvar, Croatia?

The closest airport to Hvar island in Croatia is Split Airport, about 40 kilometers from the island.