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The Island of Korcula is nearly 30 miles long and 5 miles wide at the widest. It is the most Southern of the large islands and the closest to Dubrovnik. There are ferry services from Dubrovnik to the main town, also called Korcula, and Split has ferries to Vela Luka and Korcula town. There are other ferries from the main land to the island in the tourist season. Korcula town, the home town of Marco Polo, whatever the Italians are saying, is a major tourist destination in its own right.

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Like Dubrovnik, it is an old fortified town and very little has changed to the streets and houses for 500 years. Away from Korcula town are many fabulous fishing villages around the coast.

For people searching for a cottage on Croatia's coast or Dalmatian coast property this has become a happy hunting ground. Real estate on Korcula island is always popular as it is many people's favourite island destination. It is the closest to Dubrovnik, is the most populated island, and has the most transport links to the mainland. We feel that Korcula property will always be a good investment for these reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in Korcula, Croatia?

Korcula Island is the world's most beautiful Dalmatian island and home to a number of UNESCO-listed attractions. Visitors can enjoy walking tours, crystal and amber exhibitions, diving, sailing, snorkeling and much more.

What are the best ways to get from Split to Korcula?

You have several options for traveling from Split to Korcula, but they all take awhile. The fastest option by far is by high-speed ferry, which takes about 4 hours and 20 minutes. This ferry departs from Split every day at 6:30 AM and makes several stops on its way to Korcula. Another option that provides a little more flexibility is taking a regular ferry from Split that operates several times a day. You can also take your car to Orebic on Peljesac peninsula and then take a short ferry to Korcula.

What is Korcula known for?

Korcula island in Croatia is famous for its romantic atmosphere, medieval stone buildings and churches, sandy beaches with clear and warm waters, museums of various kinds as well as distinct architecture.

Is Korcula a touristy island?

Korcula is a small island in Croatia that's slowly being uncovered by the travel crowd. It's best to avoid the crowds and explore this tiny island in off-season, when the best deals can be found. Set on an idyllic marine coast and crisscrossed with car-free walking paths, Korcula has a distinctive Italian flavor thanks to its historic ties with Venice. Many of Korcula's medieval stone towers have survived intact and provide great photo ops.

Which is more superior? Hvar Or Korcula?

The island of Hvar is undeniably the most refined and glamorous Croatian island, and its beautiful historic town of Hvar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site to this day. While busy in the summer months, Hvar Town is universally regarded by locals and visitors alike as one of Croatia's finest treasures. Korcula lies in an exquisite natural bay with incredible views of the sea, gleaming white stone houses, cobblestone streets and lush gardens give Korcula a magical ambiance.