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Property for sale in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar has its own airport, is an important and growing major town and is less than 2 hours drive from Split, following the completion of the highway. It is has been described recently as the 'The entertainment capitol of Croatia' and this did not happen by accident. The Town is run by a forward thinking council and is the fastest growing town away from Zagreb. It is close to Pag island, Plitvice national park, home to numerous music and cultural festivals.

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Property in Zadar and property around Zadar is very affordable but is sure to increase in value, not only because of the general improvement in the outlook for Croatian property, joining the EU etc. but because of the efforts made to attract commerce to the town by the elected leaders.

Villas on the coast near Zadar are great holiday locations and flats in Zadar town are sought after by tourists as well the locals. The closeness of Plitvice, Croatia's best known National Park, and the cultural dimension to the tourist industry makes Zadar real estate desirable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zadar a great area to live in?

Zadar, Croatia is a popular resort destination for Europeans during the summer months. It has some of Croatia's most golden beaches and natural landscapes. The city also provides an array of cultural events to attend that range from theatrical plays to classical concerts and art exhibitions. With these features, Zadar is an ideal place to live in.

How much does it cost to live in Zadar, Croatia?

The monthly costs of living in Zadar rise to €2300 for a family of four, of course, without the cost of renting an apartment.

Which is better Split or Zadar?

If you are planning to visit the Dalmatian Coast, then Split is one of the places which you must visit. Split is the biggest city in Dalmatia and its cultural and economical center as well. Zadar is a perfect match for Split. They are also neighbors that belong to very similar demographic and natural environments.

Which is more preferable? Split or Zadar?

This depends on your preferences. Split is a larger city, and offers more in terms of social and cultural life, while Zadar is known for its accomodity for families with children.