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Property for sale on Solta, Croatia

Solta is a small island, but the closest to Split. The contrast between the active metropolis of the Dalmatian capitol and the quiet of this island is astounding. It is only 12 miles by 5 miles and has a handful of fishing ports dotted around its short coast, between which lie dozens of bays and beaches. There are frequent ferry and boat taxi links between Split to Rogac, Solta island ferry port, and integrated public transport around the island.

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Property on Solta holds its value well, due to its short travel time from Split, and the shortage of Croatian sea side real estate.

Anyone looking to buy property on Solta should stay alert as not much real estate on Solta comes to the market. Most of the property on Solta is old but occasionally, villas and apartments on Solta come for sale.

Like all Croatian coast property, if it is reasonably priced then it will sell quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to Solta, Croatia?

The easiest way to get to Solta Island in Croatia is by ferry from Split, available throughout the year. The trip takes approximately an hour, and you can choose to take your car across as well. This is the recommended option, as there is limited public transportation on the island.

How far is Solta from Split?

Solta is a small island near Split, Croatia. It takes about one hour and 10 minutes to reach Solta by boat and the distance is about 25 kilometers.

Do you need a car on Solta?

Yes, if you want to get from one island settlement to another in the quickest way possible. There are car ferries available to transfer your vehicle to Solta easily.

How much is a ferry from Split to Solta?

The cost of a one-way adult ferry ticket from Split to Solta is about €5.