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Property for sale on Peljesac, Croatia

The Peljesac peninsular extends 70k out to sea and has a thriving tourist industry. It is close enough to Dubrovnik to allow Dubrovnik to be an easy day excursion, but has the feel of an island, particularly away from the mainland. Much of the peninsular, has steep slopes from high mountains which makes it perfect for the second industry, Viniculture.

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Much Peljesac property was built as the wine industry was developed. These villas on the South coast of Peljesac were large and well built. Some modern apartments on Peljesac have been built around the villages Orebic and Ston.

Most property on Peljesac is old Dalmatian style on both the North and South coast of Peljesac. Considering how close you are to Dubrovnik, Peljesac real estate is good value, and much of it is very modest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Peljesac located?

Peljesac is a small, narrow peninsula in the southern part of Dalmatia, Croatia. It is located in the extreme southwest of Croatia, separated from the rest of country by a short coast section of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you cross the border into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peljesac becomes a fingerlike extension into Dubrovnik from the mainland.

How do I get to Peljesac?

You can get there with car or with ferry. Peljesac is a peninsula, and recently a bridge was built which furthermore connects the mainland with the peninsula. There are also regular ferry lines available.