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Vis is the furthest large inhabited island from the mainland of Croatia. The ferry takes 2 hour 30 minutes and it is not possible to visit and return from the island in 1 day. It has a population of several thousand people, so has all the modern amenities one would expect. Shops, restaurants, bars etc. are all present but perhaps a little more basic than other tourist 'hotspots'. Sailors love it and most visitors and people who have bought property on Vis love it for its quiet isolation. The wild life, especially in the sea, is a considerable draw for divers, and the hundreds of tiny beaches are often deserted in high summer.

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Many people have bought property on Vis and its big charm is in its seclusion.

Vis real estate will always hold its value as there will never be a time when people looking to buy property in Croatia or property on the islands around Croatia are not asking for 'Property off the beaten track on Vis', or 'secluded or isolated properties on Vis'.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the island of Vis, Croatia?

The island of Vis is located in the Adriatic Sea, situated off the western coast of the Croatian mainland. The island covers an area of 78 square kilometers (30 square miles), and is home to approximately 1,800 residents.

How do you get to Vis?

The ferry is one of two ways to travel between the mainland and Vis, while catamarans are available from Split.