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Property for sale in Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik is about an hour drive from Split, 80 km north. It is a fabulous tourist destination built around the magnificent Cathedral. The old town is built up the steep hillside from the Riva, giving the appearance that almost every house in Sibenik has a sea view. Kornati National Park, hundreds of tiny islands, uninhabited and protected, make Sibenik a destination with a difference for most tourists.

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It has a more relaxed feel than Zadar or Split but it is still a sought after holiday destination. It is close to Skradin village, at the foot of the Krka National Park where Bill Gates has taken some of his holiday's for many years.

Sibenik property is more modestly priced than Split. Many Sibenik houses are built with old Dalmatian stone and are often very narrow and tall. It is possible to have a property in Sibenik of 15 sq m going up 5 levels with a roof terrace and sea views. Villas in Sibenik line the coast road North and South and apartments and flats in Sibenik vary in price depending on size and location, but some of them are very reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sibenik a good holiday destination?

Sibenik is a picturesque coastal town in Croatia with sandy beaches and clear waters just as any other Mediterranean destination. The most attractive thing about this part of the country is that it is not as well-known or packed with tourists although it is quite affordable and safe with a wonderful blend of local culture and history, quite similar to Dubrovnik and Pula.

How far is Krka National Park from Sibenik?

The distance from Sibenik to Krka National Park is about 8 km. You can take a car or bus from Sibenik to get there.

Does Sibenik have an airport?

No, Sibenik does not have an airport, but there are 2 airports in its close vicinity - Split airport and Zadar airport.

Is Sibenik worth visiting?

Sibenik is a lovely place to visit. The entire UNESCO-protected old town is a gem of Dalmatian architecture. Its medieval walls and towers – up to 7 meters high – enclose a labyrinth of narrow stone steps, white and black houses, churches, monasteries and squares with fountains and palaces in the middle.