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(SOLD) Rogoznica, apartments for sale, 130.000 € - 340.000 €, ID: 2509

  • Living area 60 - 96 m²
  • Bedrooms 2
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Sea distance 300 m
  • Sea view Sea view
Home Apartments for sale in Rogoznica (SOLD) Rogoznica, apartments for sale, 130.000 € - 340.000 €

Key features

Newly built

Property description

Property with 17 apartment units, with open views of the sea!

The size of the apartments ranges from a minimum of 54.09 m2 to a maximum of 103.90 m2. The building consists of ground floor, two upper floors and loft space.

On the ground floor there are 3 apartments, on the 1st floor are 5 apartments, on the 2nd floor 6 apartments and 3 apartments are located in the loft space. All apartments have of spacious rooms, balconies and terraces on which there are glass fences, so nothing can interfere with your enjoyment in impeccable view. Most of the apartments consist of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom.

Apartments in the loft space have a jacuzzi. The building has hydro, thermal and sound insulation. Distance from the sea and the town center is around 300 m.


A1 - 2 bedrooms, living area 87.24 m² - Price: 175.000 € SOLD

A2 - 2 bedrooms, living area 60.14 m² - Price: 119.000 € SOLD

A3 - 2 bedrooms, living area 66.63 m² - Price: 125.000 € SOLD


A4 - 2 bedrooms, living area 87.24 m² - Price: 205.000 € SOLD

A5 - 2 bedrooms, living area 65.06m² - Price: 149.000 € SOLD

A6 - 2 bedrooms, living area 66.72 m² - Price: 160.000 € SOLD

A7 - 2 bedrooms, living area 58.19 m² + garden 70 m2 - Price: 140.000 € SOLD

A8 - 1 bedroom, living area 49.32 m² + garden 74 m2 - Price: 129.000 € SOLD


A9 - 2 bedrooms, living area 87.24 m² - Price: 290.000 € SOLD

A10 - 2 bedrooms, living area 63.88 m² - Price: 185.000 € SOLD

A11 - 2 bedrooms, living area 58.89 m² - Price: 146.000 € SOLD

A12 - 2 bedrooms, living area 59.83 m² - Price: 146.000 € SOLD

A13 - 2 bedrooms, living area 58.21 m² - Price: 135.000 € SOLD

A14 - 2 bedrooms, living area 58.14 m² - Price: 155.000 € SOLD


A15 - 2 bedrooms, living area 78.92 m² - Price: 230.000 € SOLD

A16 - 1 bedroom, living area 45.40 m² - Price: 130.000 € SOLD

A17 - 2 bedrooms, living area 96.33 m² - Price: 340.000 € SOLD

For all questions please contact our CPS office in Split.

For additional questions, contact our  CPS office in Split

More about Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a 45 minute drive north of Split, and only 20 minutes from the airport and Trogir. It also only 30 minutes drive from Sibenik. It has suddenly become more fashionable for investors looking for real estate on the Dalmatian coast, as it is the area that is nearest the airport in Split which is most thinly built. The coastal water is completely clear and pure and so, many people with young families seek this as a holiday destination. It has a timeless Mediterranean air, with its slow pace of life and narrow streets in the small village centre means you are always close to the clear waters of the sea.

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There are many miles of beach, and few tourists in comparison so those who like privacy and seclusion have many options. In a week you can visit a new beach every day, and still never see a crowd!

People who have bought real estate in Rogoznica have found the restful, quiet charm has grown on them, and with the loyalty of the growing number of regular tourists, property in Rogoznica is as sound an investment as any real estate on the Croatian coast.

Flats and villas in Rogoznica are excellent value and buyers of Rogoznica property could do very well in a few years time. There are few holiday apartments and villas in Rogoznica itself, but villas and apartments in the Rogoznica area offer great value for people looking to invest in Dalmatian real estate, or to have a fabulous holiday property in the area around Rogoznica.