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Immigrate to Croatia as a Pensioner

April 30, 2022
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Are you planning to retire in Croatia? Well, you have made the best choice. Croatia is the best choice for all retirees across the globe. Today, to help our readers make a definite choice for retirement, we take a deep dive into a few facts about retiring in Croatia. 

Croatia has a high quality of life, low cost of living, great food and wine, healthy air and water, and many more facilities to make it the best place for retirees. 

Retiring to Croatia

Is Croatia the best place for you to retire? It can be, or it can be not. Though, the place to retire depends on several factors. 

When looking for an ideal place to retire, you need to determine what you want from your retirement. Everyone is different, and so are their needs and wants. Also, if you are not a resident of the place, you will first have to opt for the residency. 

Is Croatia a safe country? 

Yes, Croatia is the best place for retirees to spend the rest of their lives and the safest place to live in. The rate of crime in Croatia is relatively low. Furthermore, pickpocketing is also less in the place, and you will not have to worry about anything. 

Though, if you are a traveler in the place, you will have to be cautious of the thieves. Tourists are easy targets for them, but they don't target retirees. 

Cost of living as a pensioner in Croatia

As stated above, the cost of living in Croatia is relatively low, so as a retiree, you are not required to make huge money to live a social life. To live a life with access to all basic amenities, a retiree will make at least 650 euros every month. This amount will help you get a living in a decent apartment and a life free from loans and debts. 

However, if you can make some more money, 750-800 euros every month will help you live a comfortable life. 

Temporary residency permit

Unfortunately, at present, Croatia doesn't offer temporary residence permits specifically to the non-EU retirees. This situation is kind of a tragedy for the retirees and the Republic of Croatia. The best part is that retirees readily pay into the system, and they don't compete for jobs. 

Even though it is beneficial, Croatia doesn't offer retirees much flexibility in opting for temporary residency. Though, it doesn't mean that you cannot retire in Croatia. There are a few alternatives away with the help; you can retire easily in this place. 

The options include:

Where to settle down in Croatia?

You should know that the cost of living depends greatly on the place you decide to live. Hence, based on your budget, you should decide on the place. Some of the worth living places in Croatia are listed below. 

  • Zagreb: It is the capital city of Croatia and the biggest city in it. One of the most prominent features of this place is that you will find a dramatic difference between the old city and the new city. Even though it is the capital city, the cost of living in Zagreb is comparatively lower than in most other cities. 
  • Hvar: If you have always wanted to live on an island, Hvar is the best place in Croatia. It not only offers seaside living and neighborhood and a mild climate but is also coming up with a spot for the retirees. The city enjoys two major seasons. One is fishing, and the other is tourism. The cost of living is a bit expensive compared to Zagreb but lower than the other options. 
  • Rovinj: This place holds the first position for settling in Croatia. It has gained popularity recently with tourists and, therefore, ex-pats. Even though it is one of the most popular Croatian cities for tourists, you can have your peace and comfort during the rest of the year, while the summer may be a bit crowded.


Buying a property in Croatia

If you are retired and own a property in Croatia, then there are chances that you will be granted temporary residence. This kind of residence permit will allow you to stay in Croatia for six months every year. Though, when you go out to buy a property in Croatia, there are a few restrictions, and you will have to abide by them. 

A few rules for buying properties in Croatia are listed below; 

  • You are not yet allowed to buy any forest or agricultural land or the properties that are considered to be protected. However, foreigners will be allowed to buy agricultural land from 2023. Hence, you can even look for agricultural land plots for sale in Croatia. 
  • You will have to seek approval from the Ministry of foreign affairs before the sale of your property is finalized. The entire process can take almost 6 months. 
  • You can also rent out your property if you wish to, and this can be done through a company. However, some cost is associated with the process.  

Health insurance requirements

There are several policies available in the Republic of Croatia through which you can choose to opt for health insurance. Also, it is compulsory in Croatia, and everyone should have it. People insured in Croatia are obliged to participate in healthcare costs for services that CHIF does not completely cover. 

The minimum amount for participation is 10.00 HRK, and the maximum amount can go up to 2,000.00 HRK against a single invoice. 


The local government collects the basic taxes as applicable, and in addition to them, they can also collect surtax. The surtax is collected based on the residence status of the taxpayer. Furthermore, the rate of VAT being levied in Croatia is different. 

That said, there are three rates; The standard rate is 25%, whereas the two reduced rates are 13% and 5%. The rates are applicable to different goods and services. 

The surtax charged by the government can also range from 0% to 18% in Croatia. The highest being charged in its capital city, Zagreb. The base on which the surtax is calculated is the amount of tax liability. 


Can I live in Croatia permanently?

You cannot apply for a permanent residence in Croatia, as there are several rules and regulations for doing so, though you can opt for a temporary residence permit. On the temporary stay permit, you can easily stay up to one year in the place. 

Do I need a visa for Croatia?

You don't need a visa in the Republic of Croatia to visit or stay at the place. You can freely travel to the place for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. This condition applies if you travel to the place as a tourist, for holidays, business, or to meet your family or friend, etc