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Croatia Property Sales is a Croatian real estate agency run by Mario Moraca and Inga Majic. Inga has been working in International real estate since the first few pioneers came looking for investment properties after the war finished in 1995. She has been active handling many hundreds of sales and is trusted and respected by customers, civil bodies and other professionals working in the Dalmatia area. She is from Split, has two children and speaks Croatian, English and Italian.

Mario Moraca has been working as an agent for almost ten years, several years as the senior agent with specific responsibilities for sales on the island of Solta and Murter. In that time he has been responsible for many hundreds of sales of all types of property and is widely known throughout the area. He is married, with two children currently living in Split.

They formed the company together in 2009. Croatia Property Sales will be different from other agencies as both partners are determined to offer a wider service than just Property sales. They have learnt that foreign owners need someone locally to help with all the normal problems which arise from owning a property. Almost all sales of old buildings need 'upgrading' to western Europe standards and building maintenance and legal advice needs to be ongoing. Croatia Property Sales offers a full service and hopes to stay in contact with purchasers to be available to offer any assistance. They already have supervised many successful projects
Buying in Croatia

Buying a property in Croatia

Property in Croatia is bought using the Euro, rather than the National currency The Kuna. Real Estate agents mark up the prices in Euros and all negotiations are done in this currency. Before the Euro currency was born the prices were all quoted and paid in the German Mark, showing the fact that Croatian coastal property is very much an international commodity, somewhat independent to the rest of the Croatian economy.

There are two options for foreign investors when buying Croatian property.

As a private person.

Anyone from the EU has recently been given the right to buy property in the same way that citizens of Croatia have (from February 2009).

For individuals who are not EU citizens but are from a country with reciprocal property purchasing agreements, they need an approval from the Croatian Ministry of Justice. (Such countries are where Croatians are allowed to buy Property). This takes time (possibly 6 months or longer) but in the meantime you will be allowed possession of the property. When you have the approval, your contract is authorised by the court and you receive the title deeds. There is a real estate purchase tax of 3%, and this is due when the property is registered.

Anyone who buys their property as a private person and keeps the property for longer than 2 years is not liable to any capital gains tax.

Within a Croatian Company.
The alternative way of buying property in Croatia is to set up a company and the company buys the property. Until 2009 this was the only way foreigners could make purchases so is quite usual. Setting up a company takes up to about 14 days, but despite that you can still sign a pre-sale contract in anticipation of the company formation, and involves your lawyer, a notary public and the commercial court to approve. The lawyer's fees and those of the notary public will probably come to around 700 Euros and in addition a deposit has to be made into the company bank account of 20,000 HRK (Local currency Kuna) which is currently about 2700 Euros.

The main reasons why you may be recommended to select the option of buying a property within a company would be if the property was intended for a commercial use, either for renting or as a developer, in which case you could claim back some of the VAT later. If you are not a Croatian or EU citizen then this is another cause to purchase the property through a company. The owning of a Croatian company does have certain responsibilities and obligations. It requires proper monitoring by an accountant and the authorities will expect to see some kind of income being generated. All cases are different, so be assured that CPS can arrange a meeting with an English speaking accountant/tax advisor to ensure you have all the facts you need to make a decision.

The price shown is the price for the real estate purchase. Some vendors are not open to negotiation, but sometimes the price is negotiable. It is also important to make a note of other purchasing costs when budgeting for your property. These include: Agency fees, Property tax and Legal fees. The costs of a survey and consultation with planning officers would be extra as well.

CPS fees
Our fees are 3% plus VAT (currently 25%) from the purchaser. For smaller transactions there is a minimum fee of 3k Euros. Our terms and conditions are explained before an agreement is signed prior to any property viewings.

Legal Fees for Property sales in Croatia
Solicitors usually charge 1% (plus VAT) which is the recommended fee laid down by the Ministry of Justice. Some purchasers of larger properties might negotiate themselves a reduced % fee as this can work out cheaper. CPS agents can advise.

Property tax (Real estate transfer tax or RETT)
The Croatian equivalent of stamp duty is a flat rate of 3% and is paid by everyone (Foreign and Croatian). It is known as RETT. On completion of the sale, the lawyer forwards the tax application to the Tax Office (within 30 days) and payment is due within 15 days of receiving the tax demand. Outstanding payments after this period have a 17% interest added.

The tax is charged on the contracted sales price if the property is built before 1st January 1998 or is being sold by any entity outside the VAT system.

After 1st January 1998 the tax relates to the value of 'land and infrastructure' if it is being sold within the VAT system.

Croatian properties that are built after January 1, 1988 are subject to 25% VAT which is calculated on the costs of the built portion of the property and is usually absorbed by the seller into the price. VAT can be refunded if the buyer is purchasing with an entity that is within the VAT system and the property is being used for commercial purposes.

All our agents deal with this daily so they are in a position to advise more fully.

As a quick resumee for purchasing property in Croatia
Select a property and agree a price. Decide after discussion with the agent the pros and cons of making the purchase within a company or as an individual. Sign a pre-contract agreement (which in many ways is similar to 'exchange' in England). The sale takes place and the property is registered in land registry. An independent lawyer acts for both parties.
Property Management

Property management services

We also pride ourselves on being the leading company when it comes to overseeing Building, Renovation and Restoration work, anywhere in Croatia. Years of experience in our respective regions have given us an unsurpassed network of contacts, as well as having been involved in many 100's of property and major land sales in that period, we have dealt with legal and planning issues relating to many more on behalf of overseas investors and owners. We undertake all kinds of projects: new buildings, old building renovations, building restorations, extensions, additional floors, and outside improvements such as swimming pools and patios.

For more information, please visit www.propertymanagementcroatia.com
Our references

Our references

Gordana, "My Little House", Brac / Supetar

Dear Inga, What a busy day! I've already had a company in to measure for a new kitchen, arranged for a new floor to be installed on the whole upper level (it was 3 different colors of tiles and laminate) it will now be all one color, will install a door out to the garden (in place of the windows) so I can sit under my olive tree with my morning coffee and listen to the birds singing, and I ordered some new furniture..... life is good!!

I am so very happy with my little house and I want you to know it was thanks to you and Boris and Goran that everything went so smoothly.

THANK YOU. I hope one day I will have a chance to meet you and have a coffee with you and Boris in Split. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Inge Arild Oterhals and Mildrid Lyngstad, Norway

After having scanned southern Europe for apartments for a longer time, we ended up finding the optimum apartment in Croatia with help from the company - Croatia Property Sales (CPS). We looked at apartments in several locations in Croatia, and ended up on the island of Ciovo, which has connection to the mainland, few miles north of Split. Here we found an apartment close to the sea with great view, close to Unesco town of Trogir, and only a half-hour from the airport. We asked the agent place a bid on our behalf, and got after a few rounds aggregate to the price we accepted.

CPS has handled and completed the process in a very professional way, from the first time we contacted them. We were driven around by agent Petra, informed, and shown various apartments, and been openly informed about the benefits and cons. We have consistently been well taken care of leader Inga Majic, and the English-speaking agent Petra who knew the area very well.

CPS also recommended us a good lawyer in Split, and the legal follow-up was carried out safely and effectively. We look forward to many great days in the Dalmatian in the future!

Michael Nevzorov, Russia

I approached Croatia Property Sales agency in August 2014 asking about procedures of buying a flat in Croatia. I got full answers within a day or two, explaining about contracts, fees and taxes that I will face. My goal was to find an apartment close to the sea, with a nice sea view, terrace, parking and, of course, within reasonable price range.

My first trip to Split happened six weeks after the first e-mail. The Agency showed me about 15 different properties around Ciovo, Rogoznica and Sibenik. Most of them were matching my requirements and Petra was very kind to drive me around the places and explain all the details. By the end of the second day of viewing, I came up with a shortlist of three properties, the one that I liked the most was a bit over my budget, but CPS helped me to negotiate the price with the owner and bring it a bit down. The Agency also introduced me to a lawyer who drafted the contract and made all relevant applications to the state authorities.

Now the deal is done and I have a lovely apartment with fantastic sea view in a very quiet part of Ciovo. I am very greateful to Inga Majic and Petra from Croatia Property Sales who did the perfect arrangement and continue to help me in finding my ways in this beautiful country.

Bryan Russell, UK

The first property I bought was straight forward.
Having found a fabulous property and agreed a price, I then found myself giving a Power of Attorney to 'Croatia Property Sales' (or one named director, to be accurate) . They set up the company in my name (2007) so that when I returned for my second visit to the country they were able to guide me through the entire purchase, which included signing papers at the lawyers office, the notary public and setting up bank accounts. It barely needs to be stated that they can all speak fluent English. That hasn't ever been an issue. They also acted on my behalf in my absence to transfer the money. They still have a power of attorney and manage the property while I'm away.

The acquisition of the second property (an old Dalmatian-style house) was also problem free. I paid the money and took possession of the property and started renovation. The next thing I knew that despite local advice to the contrary I not only had to stop the work but was told I needed permission to restore the building to its original state. After 5 years with papers at the Trogir planning office I have finally passed the case on to Croatia Property Sales, who, after a few visits to the court, have thankfully had my plans passed without my attendance. God knows how long this case would have dragged on for had Inga and her colleagues not been involved.

Steven Hollas, UK

I approached the Agency in Split in 2004 with a list of properties from their website and you acted as my consultant in sifting through these, which we did together with appropriate concern for my circumstances and absolutely no bias from yourself. We then arranged a day to visit the remaining suitable properties. Throughout the viewings you provided factual insights, both positive and negative, and at no time did I feel under pressure to opt for one or other property. Having plumped for one, you negotiated expertly and effectively with the owner to give us both a deal we felt comfortable with.
After I returned to England you managed the purchase for me, keeping me informed throughout on progress and providing my point of contact for the interested government departments, lawyer and bank.

Your all-round expertise and interest gave me an anxiety-free house purchase.
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